Novembeard Photo Journal

I’ll miss you, razor.

So after much debating I’ve decided to take a challenge at work with a couple of other guys for November, and in this great month we will not shave for the next thirty days, growing some man-sized facial hair,  and giving the month a whole new moniker– Novembeard!

For 30 days I had one goal. Not to shave. I’d say I accomplished that goal, but there’s wasn’t much to accomplish. For me a month of not shaving is the equivalent of a newborn baby not shaving.

Nonetheless I decided to keep the good fight going, despite the ridicule I would receive from my friends and family. As of this writing (December 6th) I still haven’t shaved, and I may just wait until after my thirtieth birthday on the 21st at this point.

Throughout my experience I posted pictures on Facebook, and was guided by the legendary Gino Martino as his words of sarcastic encouragement always made me laugh. My favorite spiritual quote from the big man–

manly man if there ever was-i am proud of your resolve and your intestinal fortitude to continue on your path to my friend have proven what sheer will and integrity will always outshine those who doubt the a mans will to succeed in the face of adversity..i bow down to your greatness!

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Before & After
Before & After
30 Days
30 Days

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