Sons of Anarchy Season 7: Episode 3- “Playing With Monsters”
Sons of Anarchy Season 7: Episode 4- “Poor Little Lambs”
Sons of Anarchy Season 7: Episode 5- “Some Strange Eruption”
Sons of Anarchy Season 7: Episode 6- “Smoke Em If You Got Em”


So do to work, weddings, and being sick I missed the last FOUR episodes SOA, and was looking forward to catching up binge-style (like the good lord intended) yesterday and today in anticipations of tonight’s episode.

I was floored to see that by the end of episode 7.6 “Smoke Em If You Got Em” NOTHING HAS FUCKING HAPPENED GOD DAMMIT YET. Oh sure, Gemma and Juice finally separated (off-screen mind you)… Lin easily figured SAMCRO was behind all their recent troubles, blowing up the Ice Cream Shoppe (yawn, they did that with the Irish already last season) and brutally murdering all their escorts including the lovely Kim Dickens in a thankless role… Jax and Lin had their much anticipated street fight leading to Lin’s arrest when the real cops showed up… Chibs is knee deep in police pussy (I still can’t tell if Annabelle Gish is working Chibs or not because she isn’t even a character, she’s a prop)… Unser has been kicked out of Teller/Morrow for wanting justice, and all the while ex-junkie Wendy pines for the man who in SOAs time bubble just injected her with heroin a few weeks ago, their son becomes a sociopath with all the acting skills of a piece of wood.

Other things sort of happened, except they didn’t go anywhere. Marilyn Manson showed back up briefly. Jury hasn’t appeared since his “family” was murdered, though I expect him to surface as the one who ratted out SAMCRO. Poor damn Nero is going to end up in a pine box for trusting Jax and Gemma. And tonight’s episode sees Juice come face to face with Jax. Will he finally bite the bullet? All signs point to no, they’ll just talk a lot and kill time to till the finale.

With my Leave of Absence from work earlier this year, I began devouring TV shows and movies on Netflix by the pound, powering through series upon series until I was all caught up with each individual selection. I originally did this when the 5th and final season of Breaking Bad was about to premiere, and sitting through all four seasons on Netflix was like a religious experience for me at the time , and made me realize what I was missing out on. I soon realized binge watching doesn’t always turn out to be so enlightening, but as a completest I always feel the need to finish what I’ve started.