Sons of Anarchy Season 7: Episode 11- “Suits of Woe”

The sex scenes on this show have gotten really extreme.
The sex scenes on this show have gotten really hardcore.

It only took 11 episodes, but Sons of Anarchy finally advanced the plot that was set in motion during the season six finale “A Mother’s Work”, and by doing so turned in one of the best episodes SOA has ever had. Seriously, no snark it was a pretty great episode of television.

I stand by the comment I made a few days ago where I said that the 7th season of Sons should have been an abbreviated mini-series, something like four two hour episodes. Even though it’s still stretching things out it would leave Kurt Sutter & Co. the opportunity to take their time, let things breath, and still keep the plot moving at a reasonable pace.

Jax is finally let in on what Gemma has done (courtesy of master manipulator Abel), and has realized that all the horror he’s caused in the wake of Tara’s death was for naught. How Shakespearean! Despite slipping in and out of his native accent throughout Charlie Hunnam did some damn fine work this episode, especially with Juice (Theo Rossi) and Jimmy Smits (Nero McNero). Juice’s confession, with such resign in his face was tremendous work for the actor, only stifled by the fact he performed another gruesome murder on behalf of SAMCRO’s ill-advised revenge plans just a scene prior (RIP Lin). Oh, and Lin helpfully revealed that Robocop was the rat, not Jury. With this important morsel of information, SAMCRO must now face the wrath of the remaining charters who will determine Jax’s fate.

I was reminded what a piece of shit Unser was this week. While the old fuck righteously badmouthed Jax he neglects to bring up all the awful things he’s done in the name of love for Gemma, and the culpability he has in this situation. It was his big mouth that put Gemma onto Tara in the first place, and has also protected her (purposefully and inadvertently) throughout this season. I’m not on Jax’s side, but you should probably go now Wayne.


  • Tig and Chibs literally had nothing to do despite their status as OG’s, becoming messenger pigeons for SAMCRO while the use of cell phones is completely ignored.
  • Gemma is the worst. No sympathy from me on this one.
  • Sheriff Jarry is even more pointless than first expected. She’s played no role in this narrative and has devolved into just taking direct orders from Unser. If the amazing CCH Pounder wasn’t available, they should have just reinstated Wayne despite the whole cancer thing. I mean the show routinely ignores this fact, why shouldn’t it’s characters?
  • Lyla is also a notary. I can see what Opie saw in her.
  • Looks like they fired that other awful host of Anarchy Afterword. Thankfully they replaced him with a wacky morning FM Radio host! Oops, looks like that shitty host is still hanging around on set. Sorry, I didn’t realize that was you Mr. Sutter.
  • Nero was fantastic in this episode, and also defied my expectations heading into the finale.

Speaking of…


  • Considering they’ve basically dropped all mention of JT during this season (and last really), I expect Senior Teller to be awkwardly jammed into the actual finale, probably as some kind of force ghost to show Jax what he needs to do. So what does he need to do? Kill himself most likely. For his kids, for his club, for his penance, and to punish Gemma. It will be ham-fisted, so I’m pegging it to be death-by-motorcycle. John Teller’s motorcycle, as set up this week by Chucky and Jax working on the bike during this ep.
  • This is Gemma’s punishment. They’ve already established in Jax and Nero’s final conversation that Jax still loves his mother despite everything and probably wouldn’t be able to kill her. She will be left to rot alone, with no one else and knowing she caused the death of her family, specifically Jax.
  • I know Juice should be a goner, but I’m going to veer off course here and say if he hasn’t died yet he isn’t dying at all. He will put down Marilyn Manson during a fight, and will become the new Otto living his life out in jail.
  • I thought Nero wouldn’t survive, and I’m still on the fence. Maybe blow back from the Robocop situation will put him in the crossfire, but I’m starting to believe he may ride off into the sunset with Wendy and the kids.
  • Unser and Jarry will be killed by a single bullet from a sniper hiding on the roof of Teller/Morrow. The shooter will be Chucky, who’s been giving robotic hands by Robocop.
  • Chibs will become President with Tig taking the VP patch. Everyone will believe that Chibs will follow Jax’s wishes and get the club out of guns but at the last minute Chibs reneges, kills the Grim Bastards, Alvarez, the Niners, August Marks, Lin’s corpse, Ethan Zobelle, and John Teller’s ghost.
  • Chibs then unmasks to reveal himself to be Clay Morrow. Alive and well.
  • Fin.



With my Leave of Absence from work earlier this year, I began devouring TV shows and movies on Netflix by the pound, powering through series upon series until I was all caught up with each individual selection. I originally did this when the 5th and final season of Breaking Bad was about to premiere, and sitting through all four seasons on Netflix was like a religious experience for me at the time , and made me realize what I was missing out on. I soon realized binge watching doesn’t always turn out to be so enlightening, but as a completest I always feel the need to finish what I’ve started.