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After obsessing over Serial for weeks, immersing myself in the world of Podcasts about Podcasts (Slate’s the Serial Spoiler Special & AV Club’s Serial Serial Podcast), and hooking its addictive grips into my friend Siobhan so I could talk with someone about it, everything boils down to one thing (for me) as the final stretch of episodes come into play…

Did Adnan do it?

I’ve struggled with this since Episode 8 “The Deal With Jay”, an episode that made me truly begin questioning the honesty of Adnan and the culpability of Jay. For myself it comes down to only one of two options, though I lean toward option #2 as of this moment (I often waver depending on the day).

#1. Adnan did it, and Jay helped him 100% along the way. Something about the way Adnan’s “You’re pathetic” statement to Jay during the trial never sat well with me, and is a statement more in line with getting ratted on rather than an innocent man being framed.

#2. Adnan was framed, and Jay did it because of some unforeseen/unknown variable with Hae, most likely Hae finding out that Jay was cheating on Stephanie and got into it with her, leading to her accidental strangling. An amazing think piece was posted on Reddit, and helps flesh out my thoughts on what could have happened.


The biggest takeaway from Serial is the horrible truth about our justice system and the way investigators, lawyers, and judges bend a story if it helps them get a “win”. It sickens me, and has made me lost a lot of faith in the alleged good guys. (This is of course not even touching on the stories of Ferguson and Eric Garner).


So Aaron Paul has made a ” Yo Bitch App”. Life isn’t so bad after all…

Project O cover

With recovery from my eye surgery keeping me out of work at least through December, I decided to dust off my old files and resurrect the screenplay for Project O. It amazes me that I began working on this story six years ago (five revisions later), and that the genesis of this opus goes back even farther to 2006 when Kilgore, Doug, and I traveled the abandoned campus of UCONN (Groton) after promoting for an NCW event.

I’m far from a writer (wannabee at most), but if I want to ever be anything more I just need to keep on trying and get this thing out there. The only way to get better is to fail. So here’s to failing!