Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!!! WrestleMania!!!

For any wrestling fan (i.e. Me) WrestleMania will always hold a special place in their heart regardless of how smarky, bitter, snarky, and sarcastic that heart may be. My first Mania was in 1992 and I had a WrestleMania VIII (featuring Ric Flair versus “Macho Man” Randy Savage in their epic WWF Title Match) birthday party even though my birthday took place in December. I had begged my Mom to postpone my birthday until April just for the chance to have a WWF PPV birthday celebration. She eventually relented.

Every Friday night we’d go to Blockbuster Video and whenever I rented my customary Colosseum Home Video I must have gotten WrestleMania V fourty times since it was a 2-pack VHS combo and I was desperate to cram as much wrestling as I could into my rental.

WrestleMania was epic, and it even helped me learn roman numerals!

All that being said WrestleMania: Numeral Not Included (it’s WM 32, but WWE doesn’t want to look old so they’ve ditched the numbers) looks very lackluster this year, and I’m struggling to give a shit about their golden child Roman Reigns conquering the evil villain Triple H to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion especially when Daniel Bryan already told that story at Mania XXX to perfection.

I’m going to do my best and have fun, luckily Davey found this awesome scorecard (below for your viewing pleasure) for us to use tonight and help the 5hr marathon show fly by.

wm scorecard