catfishCan I just say how much I love Catfish?

Well it’s my blog, so I guess I really don’t need your permission in this specific situation even though I completely respect your opinion.

I love Catfish!

Things have been very busy for me over the last month between NCW shows and getting our Three Way Theater podcast up and running. We just finished putting out episode four (Slammed!) and I’m feeling better than ever about how we’re coming along since our first episode in June. Now we just need to get some earballs on this crazy collaboration we’ve got going on.

And if I wasn’t busy enough I was reminded that Catfish’s new season was airing on MTV. Naturally this meant I put all of my responsibilities on hold to binge through the latest episodes. That says nothing of the fact that Hulu has also put all the other episodes online for streaming. Can I get an Amen?

catfish-meaningThe new episodes have been G R E A T, and if you haven’t seen the infamous “Katy Perry” episode yet I’d encourage you to seek it out ASAP. My boy Spencer is amazingly delusional.

Gotta get back to work, but in the meantime someone catfish me so I have an excuse to party with Max and Nev.