It was quite the tumultuous time last month when Shudder presented The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs. I was one of the countless mutants who purchased the Shudder service to enjoy this one of a kind event with the great Joe Bob, and was one of the countless who faced nothing but hardship and heartache when the Shudder services crashed and burned.

In the end the 24 hour movie marathon turned out to be a great communal experience, engaging with fans all across the country through Facebook and Twitter, uniting as one despite the massive hiccups. I forgave Shudder for the snafu as they quickly put the entire event on its on demand service with all of Joe Bob’s commentary included.

I figured I’d give Shudder a chance, and check out some of their other content while my 7 day free trial expired.

Then this happened–


Then this happened–

Well played Shudder, well played.

I guess I’ll be keeping your service after all.