I wanted to take a moment and wish you a Happy New Year.

I don’t post here as much as I’d like, as real life bullshit always has a way of putting a stop to my creative endeavors. And between my responsibilities with NCW, my podcast, and my real world job creative writing just takes the farthest seat in the back of my station wagon of life.

2018 has also been a year of struggle. A continued struggle with my health, struggle with my unhappiness in my career, and a constant struggle of finding a balance. Just as 2018 was drawing to a close tragedy had to push me further to my limits as my Step Father passed away on December 30th, ruining any positivism I had been storing for the new year.

The bright side to all this is that I have a fantastic group of friends that helped me ring in the new year and have been there for me during this unpredictable time. My heart goes out to my Father, and the difficulty this new year will bring him.

While I make no promises, I’m going to work hard to use this site to publish my thoughts and works, if only to keep me sane in a time of insanity.

Rest in Peace Ray.