About Me

33 yrs old living life large in the state of Massachusetts, but Rhode Island is where I’ll always call home.

Working in Corporate America for the last ten years (gotta pay the bills), I moonlight in the subterranean world of professional wrestling. I’ve been involved in wrestling since I was 14 years old, where did the time go? Wrestling is where the name JC Marxxx (jcmar3x, get it?) came from, and it’s a definitive part of who I am. The JC stands for The John Casey (theJohnCasey, get it?) I’m the promoter, founder, and psychotic mastermind behind Northeast Championship Wrestling, a local wrestling company based out of New England and running monthly shows in Norwood and Dedham, Massachusetts.

Currently writing The Declaration of Independents: A True & Mostly Unbiased History of New England Professional Wrestling.

Music lover, movie buff, wannabe writer, pro wrestling promoter, part-time adventurer, Netflix enthusiast. What’s not to love?

My Wrestling World: theNCW.comTwitterverse: @llcooljchInstagram: llcooljchE-Mail: jcmar3x@gmail.com