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Mr. Robot Is The Best Show on TV You’re Not Watching

Challenging TV is hard to come by. I've loved television since I was little, drawn to the bright lights and funny sounds emanating out of this giant box (Spoiler Alert; TV's got a lot smaller THEN a lot bigger. Again).... Continue Reading →

Is This OK? Then OK

Infecting my ear for the last few months is the amazingly talented Julia Nunes, with the singer/songwriter getting stuck in my head since seeing her open for The Mowgli's back in April. I've seen (and loved) The Mowgli's for awhile... Continue Reading →

The Dog Days of Summer

What the fuck is happening? Short answer: I just don’t know anymore. G’night! 2016 will go down as one of the most fucked up years in the history of our world, I have no doubt. Banking on the idea (and... Continue Reading →

Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates, but who cares?

Because regardless of how great Zack Efron is (and don't get me wrong, he's great!) the main selling point of Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates is my Sweet Baby Angel Face Anna Kendrick being raunchy with her gal pal... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Three Way Theater

Do me a solid and head over to Three Way Theater (that's, the new website for my podcast devoted to professional wrestling, movies, and movies about pro wrestling. The first episode premiered a couple of weeks ago, and airs... Continue Reading →

Valar Morghulis: All Men Must Die

We live in a scary world. With news coming out of the capital that the Sept of Baelor was left in ruins following a brutal terrorist attack of unprecedented anarchy that saw wildfire ignited in the heart of King’s Landing,... Continue Reading →

My only thought

I won't sit here and debate politics. I won't sit here and argue with you about guns, religion, or sexual orientation. All I'll ask is you be a better human, regardless of all those other things. Good luck world, we're... Continue Reading →

Spread Too Thin

As usual, I apologize for the lack of updates. Me lately At least this time it's for good reason. Between my writing (slow and steady wins the race), wrestling (just had our huge 19 year REUNION event May 27th), and... Continue Reading →

TV REVIEW: Game of Tropes & the 6th Season Slaughter

This past Sunday saw the fourth episode of Game of Thrones' brutal sixth season, "The Book of the Stranger" air on HBO nearing the halfway point of the season and inching ever closer toward their series finale. In the wake... Continue Reading →

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