And Today Was A Day Just Like Any Other

Hours before deadline, I began working on a project that had been fermenting in my head. 95.5 WBRU, the local alternative rock station in Providence was holding a contest where you had to redesign the artwork for the newest Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness album Zombies On Broadway.

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Dōmo Arigatō, Mr. Roboto

mr-robot-season-2-poster-usa-network-1000x600SPOILERS FOR MR. ROBOT SEASON TWO

Right now I feel a bit like Elliot Alderson, unable to decipher the difference between the real world and what’s going on inside my mind. What’s reality? What isn’t? Did people really hate the second season of Mr. Robot that much?

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Get a Little Three Way Theater In Your Ear

3way-theater-peacock-tshirt-copyBetween wrestling, podcasting, working full-time, and attempting to live some semblance of a normal life blogging has become very difficult to maintain.

I won’t make any empty promises to write more, because frankly I’ve already done that 13 times on this blog and have broken that promise every single time. I’ll write when I can, and I hope you’ll take a listen to my podcast Three Way Theater! It’s a podcast dedicated to movies about pro wrestling, and 5 episodes in I finally feel like we’re in a good groove. Even if you don’t like pro wrestling, chances are you might enjoy the witty banter among myself, Mike Paiva, and Lumberjake.

Here’s Episode 5 from Podbean. You can also now find us on iTunes where you can subscribe, rate, and review to help a brother out!