Get a Little Three Way Theater In Your Ear

3way-theater-peacock-tshirt-copyBetween wrestling, podcasting, working full-time, and attempting to live some semblance of a normal life blogging has become very difficult to maintain.

I won’t make any empty promises to write more, because frankly I’ve already done that 13 times on this blog and have broken that promise every single time. I’ll write when I can, and I hope you’ll take a listen to my podcast Three Way Theater! It’s a podcast dedicated to movies about pro wrestling, and 5 episodes in I finally feel like we’re in a good groove. Even if you don’t like pro wrestling, chances are you might enjoy the witty banter among myself, Mike Paiva, and Lumberjake.

Here’s Episode 5 from Podbean. You can also now find us on iTunes where you can subscribe, rate, and review to help a brother out!


Is This OK? Then OK

julianunesInfecting my ear for the last few months is the amazingly talented Julia Nunes, with the singer/songwriter getting stuck in my head since seeing her open for The Mowgli’s back in April. I’ve seen (and loved) The Mowgli’s for awhile now but leaving The Met that night I found myself seeking out all things Ms. Nunes as her lyrics swarmed my brain and wouldn’t let up.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve feeling wistful about recent happenings (more on that later, I promise) but her songs have hit me harder lately than normal. Please seek her out, she rocks.

Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates, but who cares?

Because regardless of how great Zack Efron is (and don’t get me wrong, he’s great!) the main selling point of Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates is my Sweet Baby Angel Face Anna Kendrick being raunchy with her gal pal Aubrey Plaza.

Going to see the movie now!

anna sbaf