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Sorry for the delay, I got Thanos’ed

It's been awhile bloggers, and while under normal circumstances I'd apologize for the absence I'm gonna chalk this one up to getting snapped out of existence by the mad titan Thanos.   There I was, minding my own business working... Continue Reading →

The Second Time Around: Step by Step Watch by Watch (Season 1)

I went down the rabbit hole. I didn't mean to, really I didn't. But here we are. It all started when Three Way Theater (you know that hysterical podcast about pro wrestling movies and TV I host with Mike Paiva... Continue Reading →

An Exclusive Interview w/ Tony Lee of In The Ring

Check out this chat I had with graphic novelist and screenwriter Tony Lee about In The Ring, a Major League style pro wrestling movie currently in development.

Three Way Theater

Is pro wrestling on an upswing? Is another boom period looming?

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The Best Things of 17′

Year end lists are tough. Beyond the fact that your own personal tastes are so subjective, popular opinion has become a merciless and antagonistic back and forth that can get you ruthlessly abused by your fellow anonymous users of the... Continue Reading →

A Night at The Avon: Lady Bird

Am I a hipster? It's a question I posed to myself while waiting for Lady Bird to start. Starring Saoirse Ronan as the titular bird and written/directed by Greta Gerwig, I had been waiting for this little indie to drop... Continue Reading →

TV REVIEW: Hulu’s Future Man

**No Spoilers. Pinky Swear** When I moved into my new place in May, I cut myself completely off from the archaic rules of standard cable, leaving commercials and 80 channels I'll never watch behind forever. Embracing the streaming utopia of... Continue Reading →

It’s Showtime!

I know, I know. I've promised a million times to keep up with blogging, only to disappear into the wind for months on end. I'd love to promise you I'll never leave again but let's be honest, promises are made... Continue Reading →

The Naked Man: An Exclusive Interview w/ DP Jeff Barklage

Last week I had the opportunity to interview Jeff Barklage, the director of photography on one of the movies we are getting ready to review on TWT. Check it out!

Three Way Theater

The Naked Man? What the hell is The Naked Man?

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And Today Was A Day Just Like Any Other

Hours before deadline, I began working on a project that had been fermenting in my head. 95.5 WBRU, the local alternative rock station in Providence was holding a contest where you had to redesign the artwork for the newest Andrew... Continue Reading →

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