This Is My Design: The Hannibal Finale

hanniballlllLast night NBC aired the final episode episode of Hannibal’s third season, and what was essentially the series finale of the beloved, twisted love story between Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter.

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I’ve Got a Hannibal Problem.

HANNYI can’t tell you the first time I watched Silence of the Lambs, but viewing it in my younger days I’ll always remember the unsettling sight of Buffalo Bill dancing to “Goodbye Horses” or the satanic eyes of Anthony Hopkins. For years I felt that Hannibal Lecter was the defining role of Anthony Hopkins’ career, even after sitting through the VERY disappointing Hannibal (More Prometheus Ridley Scott than Alien Ridley Scott) and Red Dragon (a Brett Ratner joint, nuff said).

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Days Without Incident: 1 aka What I Did On My Winter Vacation

dayswithoutIt’s 2015, holy shit.

As I sit here and attempt to type with a ridiculous hangover I marvel at the fact we’re now living in the age of Back to the Future Part II, wearing jackets too big, our pockets inside out, and kicking up dirt on our classic Mattel Hoverboards (the power based Hoverboard is too expensive). The world is a wonderful place.

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