My 20’s: Anyway You Want It [My 1st Journey Cover Band Experience]

With possible Armageddon & my 30th birthday on the horizon, I’ve decided to dig deep into my well of memories and share some of my favorite stories from the last ten years of my life. FULL DISCLOSURE: While I will be as [karate] honest as possible in the retelling of these tales there will be certain things omitted due to a probable (more thank likely) drunken haze,  old-age forgetfulness, and the protection of the guilty innocent. This will also be done in a very non-linear style, since whatever story I post will be based on what pops into my head first, not chronologically.

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Don’t Stop Believin: The Sequel

How does one top the magic of our first rendition of Journey’s epic classic “Don’t Stop Believing”? Well taking a page from most Hollywood Blockbusters we’ve just blown things up tenfold bringing in the rockstar Todd Sople, new-found promoter Adam Evers (foolishly giving me a live microphone), and the Lumberjake wielding the good old stars and stripes.

You’ve been put on notice, America.