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Settle For Me

PREVIOUSLY ON I came to terms with my love of musicals This week I discovered Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, only further cementing my love affair with unconventional musical entertainment. I first found out about Rachel Bloom after she guested on How... Continue Reading →

So Long Sweet Summer.

August was a tough month. It's been years now, but no matter how much time has passed or where we are in life-- ...when I see you, it all melts away... The toughest part of being who I am, is... Continue Reading →

It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn…

That's the cliché, right? Sometimes it's hard to rationalize situations when you hear such trite, poetic, fortune cookie bullshit all the time. But as I sit here after one of the more emotionally exhausting days I've had over the last... Continue Reading →

Anarchy, My Dear…

After nearly three years since their last record (their 2009 self titled album), Say Anything has finally returned with a vengeance, releasing their fourth studio album and in my opinion their best effort yet-- Anarchy, My Dear. I found Say... Continue Reading →

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