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The Best Things of 17′

Year end lists are tough. Beyond the fact that your own personal tastes are so subjective, popular opinion has become a merciless and antagonistic back and forth that can get you ruthlessly abused by your fellow anonymous users of the... Continue Reading →

Settle For Me

PREVIOUSLY ON I came to terms with my love of musicals This week I discovered Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, only further cementing my love affair with unconventional musical entertainment. I first found out about Rachel Bloom after she guested on How... Continue Reading →

Trending Now: Wet Hot American Summer

It was a balmy evening in Providence way back when in the summer of 2002 when my girlfriend and I decided to check out this small independent comedy playing at The Avon Cinema called Wet Hot American Summer. A a... Continue Reading →

Trending Now: ZOOM Academy of the Superheroes

Bored with nothing to do on a Friday night I decided I would seek the infinite wisdom of Netflix to figure out what to watch this evening. Despite a massive list of movies I still need to go through I... Continue Reading →

MOVIE REVIEW: American Mary

Movie: American Mary (2012) Starring: Katharine Isabelle Director: Jen & Sylvia Soska Genre: Body Horror? Full Disclosure: I love Katharine Isabelle. I remember first seeing her in Ginger Snaps all those years ago and was immediately enchanted. Perhaps it was... Continue Reading →

DOA/LOA/MIA AKA All of the Above

Hey world, I know it's been a long time since I've "blogged" but I've had a lot of excess, pent up energy over the last three months and have been very limited in my abilities to do something about it.... Continue Reading →

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