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The Art of Cinema: Dream Baby Dream

I love going to the movies. Whether it's with a friend, on a date, or just by myself escaping to the cinema and transporting myself into the world I'm watching on the big screen makes all my troubles disappear. On... Continue Reading →

Who Are The Guardians of the Galaxy?

I don't know. But on August 1st myself along with the rest of the world (well at least the US & Canada) will finally get the opportunity to sit down and watch Marvel Studios and James Gunn’s gamble of a... Continue Reading →

My 20’s: The Epic Adventures of the Bartenders Ball [Part 1]

With possible Armageddon & my 30th birthday on the horizon, I've decided to dig deep into my well of memories and share some of my favorite stories from the last ten years of my life. FULL DISCLOSURE: While I will... Continue Reading →


This is Kepler. He is a puppet. You should like him on Facebook @  

Anarchy, My Dear…

After nearly three years since their last record (their 2009 self titled album), Say Anything has finally returned with a vengeance, releasing their fourth studio album and in my opinion their best effort yet-- Anarchy, My Dear. I found Say... Continue Reading →

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