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Say Anything

Where Is My Mind?

Where is my mind? It's slowly fading away as the weight of the world crushes down on me. There's a perfect lyric in Say Anything's "Colorblind" that speaks to me directly, despite the fact that Max Bemis has no idea... Continue Reading →

Recovery: Part Deux

It's been one helluva week for me. Between Thanksgiving, NCW WrestleFest, the amazing Say Anything/Saves the Day concert (with Reggie & the Full Effect!) and my second (final) eye surgery on Tuesday the last seven days have been a perpetual... Continue Reading →


I love Say Anything. Always have, and always will. I've explained┬ápreviously what a profound impact Max Bemis and his lyrics have had on my life and Say Anything's latest opus, Hebrews, once again infects my inner-ear, permeating it with the... Continue Reading →

Anarchy, My Dear…

After nearly three years since their last record (their 2009 self titled album), Say Anything has finally returned with a vengeance, releasing their fourth studio album and in my opinion their best effort yet-- Anarchy, My Dear. I found Say... Continue Reading →

Saves the Day saves the day… Say Anything can say anything… Motion City Soundtrack uh, kinda sucks.

Got the opportunity to go to WBRU's Birthday Bash last night at Lupo's featuring Saves The Day and Say Anything, with Motion City Soundtrack headlining . It would be an understatement for me to say the main reason I was... Continue Reading →

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