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My Top 10 of 2018 + 8 Other Things

It's that time of year again, and man did I see a lot of crap at the theaters in 2018. If I have one 2019 resolution when it comes to film its to see as many independent films as I... Continue Reading →

My Top 15 Movies of Twenty 15 (+ Other Things I Loved)

The year has come to an end, and frankly I couldn’t be happier to put these last twelve months in my rear view. It’s been a year of loss and change, and I realize the older I get the more... Continue Reading →

Serial, Screenwriting, & Science, BITCH!

...AKA rando musings from my brain... After obsessing over Serial for weeks, immersing myself in the world of Podcasts about Podcasts (Slate's the Serial Spoiler Special & AV Club's Serial Serial Podcast), and hooking its addictive grips into my friend... Continue Reading →

Jesus Christ stop reading this and go listen to Serial!

My review of the last few Sons of Anarchy episodes will be up tomorrow night. I've doing my best to power through the last couple of episodes during my down time this weekend, by god it's a slog to sit... Continue Reading →

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