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Three Way Theater

The Second Time Around: Step by Step Watch by Watch (Season 1)

I went down the rabbit hole. I didn't mean to, really I didn't. But here we are. It all started when Three Way Theater (you know that hysterical podcast about pro wrestling movies and TV I host with Mike Paiva... Continue Reading →

An Exclusive Interview w/ Tony Lee of In The Ring

Check out this chat I had with graphic novelist and screenwriter Tony Lee about In The Ring, a Major League style pro wrestling movie currently in development.

Three Way Theater

Is pro wrestling on an upswing? Is another boom period looming?

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The Art of Cinema: Dream Baby Dream

I love going to the movies. Whether it's with a friend, on a date, or just by myself escaping to the cinema and transporting myself into the world I'm watching on the big screen makes all my troubles disappear. On... Continue Reading →

Get a Little Three Way Theater In Your Ear

Between wrestling, podcasting, working full-time, and attempting to live some semblance of a normal life blogging has become very difficult to maintain. I won't make any empty promises to write more, because frankly I've already done that 13 times on... Continue Reading →

Real Talk: I Wanna Hang with Nev and Max

Can I just say how much I love Catfish? Well it's my blog, so I guess I really don't need your permission in this specific situation even though I completely respect your opinion. I love Catfish! Things have been very... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Three Way Theater

Do me a solid and head over to Three Way Theater (that's, the new website for my podcast devoted to professional wrestling, movies, and movies about pro wrestling. The first episode premiered a couple of weeks ago, and airs... Continue Reading →

Spread Too Thin

As usual, I apologize for the lack of updates. Me lately At least this time it's for good reason. Between my writing (slow and steady wins the race), wrestling (just had our huge 19 year REUNION event May 27th), and... Continue Reading →

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