Real Talk: I Wanna Hang with Nev and Max

catfishCan I just say how much I love Catfish?

Well it’s my blog, so I guess I really don’t need your permission in this specific situation even though I completely respect your opinion.

I love Catfish!

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10 Years Later: NO FEAR for NCW

From my wrestling world, a look back at NCW’s first wrestling event in Dedham, MA ten years ago. I’m old.

Northeast Championship Wrestling

John Casey is the founder and promoter of Northeast Championship Wrestling, having managed in NCW for years as JC Marxxx. Since 2012 JC has continued working behind the scenes for NCW Commissioner Dean Livsley as a representative of the NCW offices. This is his story.

Time inside the wrestling world can be very subjective.

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Days Without Incident: 1 aka What I Did On My Winter Vacation

dayswithoutIt’s 2015, holy shit.

As I sit here and attempt to type with a ridiculous hangover I marvel at the fact we’re now living in the age of Back to the Future Part II, wearing jackets too big, our pockets inside out, and kicking up dirt on our classic Mattel Hoverboards (the power based Hoverboard is too expensive). The world is a wonderful place.

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