dayswithoutIt’s 2015, holy shit.

As I sit here and attempt to type with a ridiculous hangover I marvel at the fact we’re now living in the age of Back to the Future Part II, wearing jackets too big, our pockets inside out, and kicking up dirt on our classic Mattel Hoverboards (the power based Hoverboard is too expensive). The world is a wonderful place.

[1 hour and 2 large cups of coffee later]

After finishing my much needed second cup of java I understand that everything I just said isn’t close to being real, but man I wish it was. The world is a tough fucking nut to crack. Climate change, dangerous riots (peaceful protests), unchecked police brutality, terrorists turning cyber-bullying. Snapchat. These pieces of the puzzle create the harsh world we live in, but we’ve got to keep going. What else are we supposed to do?

In the grand scheme of things my problems aren’t that bad. I had surgery December 2nd, the final one to help my right eye get back to 100% (or as close to it as possible). I’m still about two weeks away from being able to return to work, but it’s getting better every day and I’m very thankful for that. 2014 is going to be my “gas leak year” (thank you Community for bringing this into my lexicon). Everything I wanted to do with my life was put on hold due to my eye issues, and from here on out I’m doing everything in my power to make 2015 my bitch.

Watching The Interview for America, and also because I really like Seth Rogen and loved This Is The End. Oh, and for America.

Christmas time saw The Interview controversy blow up as the Sony hacks and all around cyber terrorism forced Sony to pull the James Flacco/Seth Rogen comedy from release after most major chains opted out of screening the movie due to terror threats made against them. Despite Homeland Security stating that the threats were not credible, theaters were not willing to take any chances.

Luckily a group of smaller, independent joints banded together to get The Interview into theaters (in addition to Sony’ releasing it On Demand) and the Cable Car Cinema in Providence was one of those few wonderful places screening it. Kilgore and I went the night after Christmas, and besides getting to watch a great stoner comedy (this was never supposed to be great satire folks, it’s just a funny fucking flick) I was also reminded of how much I love the Cable Car. I’m usually an Avon Theater kind of guy, but the Cable Car is not without its charms.

New Years saw a small group of us get together at the Crowne Plaza in Warwick (home to a few Bartenders Ball memories) for dinner, drinks, and Steve Smith & the Nakeds. Thinking it would be as diverse as the Masquerade Ball we conquered the year before, this event was geared more toward the 60+ crowd, with us bringing the median age down significantly. To put into perspective how old this group was, a fella next to us at Table 40 had a stroke mid-meal, and had to be rushed to the hospital via ambulance. No one at their table blinked an eye. Just another day at the office for them. Nevertheless we made the most of it, but rather than smash into the new year with style it definitely felt like a bookend to a somber 2014 instead of a kickoff to 2015.

This weekend I had a small group of friends come over for drinks and beer pong, the first party we’ve had at J-Quad House since we moved in last July. Unfortunately Thorny was unable to attend since he was out of town on business, but overall things went great…

…Until someone “accidentally” turned the gas on my stove, filling the house up with gas and nearly blowing my apartment (and us) to pieces. Thankfully Kellan’s lovely girlfriend noticed the stench of gas immediately, and swooped into action to save the day. I’m not saying it was on purpose, but I am saying someone tried to murder me. Yep.

Since Serial ended a lot has happened for Adnan and the gang. As soon as Sarah Koenig aired her final episode of the podcast Jay decided to speak on things, while as of this writing (January 14th, 2015) the Maryland Court is going to rule on Adnan’s appeal today thanks to assistance from the Innocence Project. Oh and I made the Serial theme my ringtone. Pretty big news.

Finally, instead of lame New Years Resolutions that will not ever be delivered on I wanted to make a short list of things I’m incredibly excited about for 2015.

saul 2
Better Call Saul. Cannot fucking wait.
  • Breaking Bad’s spinoff series Better Caul Saul. There are few shows I loved more than Breaking Bad, and a starring vehicle for Bob Odenkirk just makes it even better. Can’t wait!
  • The Boston Irish Pub Challenge. I’ve gone every year for the last five, and it’s become an awesome tradition for me and my friends.
  • Having both eyes. 2014 has been a huge struggle for me, and I plan on putting that all in my rear view as I come into the New Year healthy and ready to go.
  • Anything and everything Marvel. I am a huge geek of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and really looking forward to The Avengers: Age of Ultron. But when you add Ant-Man (Paul Rudd FTW), the awesome Agent Carter series, and the upcoming Daredevil Netflix show into the mix I’m pretty much in nerd heaven.
  • Writing more and finishing a god damn screenplay.
  • Hannibal Season 3. Fuck yes…
  • Looking to take a cross country trip at some point this year. It’s going to happen.
  • Getting to as many concerts and music festivals as possible.
  • Putting together some incredible NCW shows this year for the Norwood fans, and slowly expanding out for the 2015 Season.

There’s more I’m sure, but that’s all for now folks.