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The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors

It's been a long time since I've posted here-- my onetime blog, which is weird considering how much extra time I've had on my hands since the COVID-19 pandemic sent us into this weird post-apocalyptic world of quarantine, masks, and... Continue Reading →

The Best Things of 17′

Year end lists are tough. Beyond the fact that your own personal tastes are so subjective, popular opinion has become a merciless and antagonistic back and forth that can get you ruthlessly abused by your fellow anonymous users of the... Continue Reading →

Spread Too Thin

As usual, I apologize for the lack of updates. Me lately At least this time it's for good reason. Between my writing (slow and steady wins the race), wrestling (just had our huge 19 year REUNION event May 27th), and... Continue Reading →

Let’s Geat Ready to WrestleMania!

Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!! WrestleMania!!! For any wrestling fan (i.e. Me) WrestleMania will always hold a special place in their heart regardless of how smarky, bitter, snarky, and sarcastic that heart may be. My first Mania was in 1992... Continue Reading →

It Begins.

Today begins (well Friday begins, but close enough) the most daunting task of my non-existent writing career. Inspired by my fellow peers to put myself out there and actually do something beyond talking about it all the time, I've begun... Continue Reading →

19 Years Later

We normally celebrate the anniversary of Northeast Championship Wrestling in May with our REUNION event, the truth is that today (March 15th) is the real anniversary of NCW’s humble beginnings. To be more precise we can rewind one day earlier... Continue Reading →

10 Years Later: NO FEAR for NCW

From my wrestling world, a look back at NCW’s first wrestling event in Dedham, MA ten years ago. I’m old.

Northeast Championship Wrestling

John Casey is the founder and promoter of Northeast Championship Wrestling, having managed in NCW for years as JC Marxxx. Since 2012 JC has continued working behind the scenes for NCW Commissioner Dean Livsley as a representative of the NCW offices. This is his story.

Time inside the wrestling world can be very subjective.

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Life, Loss, & Everything in Between.

Ugh, stupid emotions. It's been awhile since my last post, and for the 9 of you who check this blog out regularly I'm sure you've been very concerned over my lack of content. For that I am sorry, and while... Continue Reading →

Recovery: Part Deux

It's been one helluva week for me. Between Thanksgiving, NCW WrestleFest, the amazing Say Anything/Saves the Day concert (with Reggie & the Full Effect!) and my second (final) eye surgery on Tuesday the last seven days have been a perpetual... Continue Reading →

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