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Furiously Fast: The Fast and the Furious (2001)

Did you all know that F9: The Fast Saga (that's Fast & Furious NINE- and it's a GOD DAMN SAGA!) was supposed to come out LAST YEAR? The COVID-19 pandemic definitely plunged the world into chaos and effectively shut down... Continue Reading →

JC’s Redbox Diaries: Tenet

Much like the sexy exploits of David Duchovny's Jake Winters on SHOWTIME's seminal erotic series Red Shoe Diaries, COVID has left me in solitude with way too much time on my hands, walking the train tracks with nothing to do... Continue Reading →

The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors

It's been a long time since I've posted here-- my onetime blog, which is weird considering how much extra time I've had on my hands since the COVID-19 pandemic sent us into this weird post-apocalyptic world of quarantine, masks, and... Continue Reading →

My Top 10 of 2018 + 8 Other Things

It's that time of year again, and man did I see a lot of crap at the theaters in 2018. If I have one 2019 resolution when it comes to film its to see as many independent films as I... Continue Reading →

Episode 36: The 2018 Peacock Awards

If you’ve followed me at all you know that a couple years back my BFFs Mikey, Lumberjake, and myself started Three Way Theater, a podcast dedicated to pro wrestling, movies, and pro wrestling movies.

We’ve had a blast covering the weirdest movies ever made, and we recently celebrated our 2018 Peacock Awards, showcasing the various movies, TV shows, and wrestling events we covered this past year. Check it out!

Three Way Theater

It’s that time of year again as Mike, Lumberjake, and JC gather together to celebrate their insane decision to review pro wrestling, movies, and pro wrestling movies. What was the best movie we saw in 2018? Who was the best guest host on Best in Show? Who had the best bod? And will Lumberjake be able to top his musical medley from last year? All these questions will be answered plus more as we see who walks away with the illustrious Peacock Award on this very special night.

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Viva La Raza

Over the weekend my friend Liz put this tune into my ear, and I've been obsessed with it ever since. The song is Raza by Kids of 88, a New Zealand new wave duo who apparently haven't made new music... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year

I wanted to take a moment and wish you a Happy New Year. I don't post here as much as I'd like, as real life bullshit always has a way of putting a stop to my creative endeavors. And between... Continue Reading →

The Assassination of Jimmy McGill by the Coward Saul Goodman

While the idea of a pre-Breaking Bad Saul Goodman running around the ABQ working cons and hanging out with Mike The Cleaner seemed like a perfect pallet cleanser to the grim adventures of Walter H. White, the utter tragedy of... Continue Reading →

The Last Thought on The Last Drive-In

It was quite the tumultuous time last month when Shudder presented The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs. I was one of the countless mutants who purchased the Shudder service to enjoy this one of a kind event with the... Continue Reading →

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