PREVIOUSLY ON I came to terms with my love of musicals

This week I discovered Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, only further cementing my love affair with unconventional musical entertainment.

My face after binging all the episodes too quick.
My face after binging all the episodes too quick.

I first found out about Rachel Bloom after she guested on How Did This Get Made, and though I was aware of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend it wasn’t until I stumbled upon her YouTube videos (such as the infamous Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury) that I got a true taste of her genius. And genius is exactly what this show is, make no mistake about it.

Not so much a romantic comedy but a very dark and hysterical look at a woman (Bloom, as Rebecca Bunch) having a serious mental breakdown, everything about the show is smarter than it looks subverting expectations at every turn and providing some of the catchiest music you’ll ever hear. Every music genre is put on display, and it’s the perfect way to get inside the head of the characters of West Covina.

crazy-tweetI watched both seasons in just a couple of days, and was truly bumming when I finished the second season finale last night. One of my favorite songs was “It Was a Shit Show”, a song that hit VERY close to home for me.

I’ve been there Greg.

As if I didn’t have enough pop culture to deal with, I look forward to obsessing over this show until it returns next year.